Make the Most of Valuable Estate Planning Tools

Wills and trusts in Valencia, CA

Without a valid will, the disbursement of your assets, as well as the medical and financial decisions you cannot make, will likely be determined by the State. Probate according to State laws is often a lengthy process, and can result in heavy tax penalties on your estate.

Avoid the consequences of not having a will and take control of your estate planning with a will drafted by the experienced attorneys at Kent Law, APC. We will listen to your estate planning goals and create a will that ensures those goals are met.

Your will is ideal for creating directives for the allocation of your assets following your passing. Your will can name the executor, establish medical care and financial directives, even mandate conditions of your end-of-life arrangements. To learn how you can make the most of your will, contact Kent Law, APC today.

Is it possible for your family to avoid the probate process?

In many cases, no. A will facilitates the process, but does not eliminate it. However, a well-crafted and maintained trust can minimize or completely bypass the probate process by securing assets to named beneficiaries immediately upon your passing. For more information about wills, trusts and other effective estate planning tools, schedule your free initial consultation today.

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