Have you established comprehensive, valid plans for your estate? If not, the conditions of your care and the disbursement of your assets following your passing will likely be left up to the State of California. Take control of your estate planning in Valencia, CA with the Law Offices of Kent and Senen, serving the greater Santa Clarita region.

The administration of a deceased person’s estate is a process, even with the presence of a will. If you need representation in probate court in the case of an absence or contested will, or simply need a professional to facilitate the probate process in Valencia, CA, call our professional attorneys today.

Wills and trusts are effective tools for establishing directives for the disbursement of your estate, but wills can serve many other functions. Ask your local Valencia, CA probate law attorneys at the Law Offices of Kent and Senen about the usefulness of a well-drafted will.

Discover how easily you can get peace of mind knowing you have proper plans for your estate by contacting the Law Offices of Kent and Senen today. Your initial consultation will explore all of your estate planning options and is absolutely free.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Establish Plans for Your Estate

Estate planning and probate law in Valencia, CA

Do you know what would happen to your assets if you were to pass away today? Or who would make medical and financial decisions on your behalf if you became incapacitated? If not, you should speak with an experienced probate attorney in Valencia, California.

The Law Offices of Kent and Senen present clients with practical, beneficial estate planning options. We have the experience and dedication to handle estates of all sizes and the circumstances of nearly any situation. Call today to discover how estate planning in Valencia, CA and Santa Clarita can bring you peace of mind and help your family.

Explore all the tools and options of effective estate planning

SubhWills, trusts and conservatorships in Valencia, CAeadline

Estate planning is about much more than the disbursement of your assets following your passing. While this is a key component, estate planning may also include medical and financial directives and the appointment of a person to make those decisions, and end-of-life arrangements. Discover all of the tools of estate planning and how they can benefit you by contacting the probate law attorneys at the Law Offices of Kent and Senen.

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There’s no reason to put off estate planning, especially when our attorneys offer free consultations to get you started. Call today to schedule your free consultation with our experienced probate law attorneys in Valencia, California.

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